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10 reactions that will help you know if this relationship is worth

10 reactions that will help you know if this relationship is worth

The worst reason to get into a relationship is fear to loneliness, Unfortunately it is one of the reasons referred to when dating, but that eventually takes its toll.

Pressure, submission, fear of what people say, financial need, etc., all have a constant and even with partner felt overwhelmed, sad and even wounds.


Whether the relationship is worth


Of course having a relationship also involves disagreements aside, discomfort and sacrifices, but these are supported by a base close ties between two people through storms and not live within them.

Whether everything goes smooth sailing or you're wondering if it will be indicated, These are just 10 of the things that you feel for know what your relationship is worth.


#1 You feel valued


No matter how often or sometimes fight not support seen, the end of the day you know your boy values ​​both your personality as your achievements, feelings and expressions.

If on the other by quieter side is the relationship, he does not value you as a person, it is better to be alone.


#2 It makes you laugh


They say laughter is the best remedy for the ills, so if beside you forget your sorrows for fun times, ahead, you are going for the good way.


#3 Supports you in bad times


One of the reasons why you should know that all is well, It is when you feel backed and supported, regardless of bad times.



#4 You're important to him


You called? Are you looking? Do not hesitate ... it's very easy to make false promises or find excuses not to send you a whatsapp at least, but if he does the opposite feel calm.


#5 Do not hold grudges


When there is love everything flows (This also helps you understand the counterpart) more mistakes or gaffes that exist both do their best to correct the situation and live in the present.


#6 no communication


If your partner fills the pupil but not the best ear terminate, eventually a relationship without communication is nothing more than an ordeal. But if despite possible differences enjoy long talks with him and know that you listen and take into account ... my friend, that relationship has no future.


#7 Enjoy the company


And one can say ... who's going to be with someone if you do not enjoy? But believe me there are so couples, so if you get stressed when you feel close to or does not give you like spending time with you why continue?


#8 feel attraction


And good, Another very important point, The attraction. This does not mean you have to be a Hollywood heartthrob or you will be the most beautiful of women worldwide, but they must be at his small world.


#9 respect you


If before formalizing things it asks you questions about whether forgive infidelity, makes you uncomfortable proposals, agrede you or make disrespectful comments, you can not expect more from him ... men do not change and respect is noticeable from the start.


#10 He makes you happy


Maybe it's not a Don Juan, perhaps it takes time to engage, perhaps angry every third day or maybe all is rosy at his side ... but the constant to know that he is the right choice is simple ... you feel happy at his side. What do you think?


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