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Forms of payment


Payment with card (SSL server)

This is the fastest method of payment while allowing safe disposal accept payments with debit and credit your purchase, payment processing almost instantly.

When you decide to pay by card, you can do so without exposing your details to third parties. Through the online payment your data is stored safely thanks to our certificates, keys and secure encryption protocols, as SHA-256, authorized by a top international CAs online protection.

For security, your bank will send a code to the mobile to complete payment, thus offering a higher level of security online.


Payment by transfer

This is a safe and reliable way to make purchases.

Once formalized the request and selected this method of payment, you will be shown a new window that you can print where displays the data to be included in the transfer.

If after 5 days since purchase we have not received your transfer, the order will be cancelled.

It will be stated on your order code IBAN for payments in Spain and the SWIFT code for international payments.

To streamline procedures, Please send us a copy of the receipt of transfer to info@mundobuda.com


Payment with card (TPV Redsys)

When you confirm your order with payment by card you will be redirected to the website of La Caixa, where you can complete the payment by typing their card details. Your card data will be protected in this system of security and in no time you will have access to them, being carried out the transaction directly through the Bank.

After authorizing the payment, your bank may ask you additional confirmation using a private code that sends you the mobile.

Once completed the identification, La Caixa communicates us that purchase the card holder is doing it for us proceed to the ordering process implementation.


Pay by Paypal

With the introduction of a Web site in Spanish, PayPal becomes the ideal payment solution for Internet Spain.

PayPal is safe, Fast and easy, and allows you to send and receive money in Spain and worldwide. PayPal, a company of the eBay group, It is the global leader in online payment solutions, with more than 86,6 million user accounts worldwide. EBay buyers and sellers use PayPal every day, as well as many other Internet companies. In addition, Is available in 55 countries and 6 foreign exchange: euros, American dollars, £, Japanese yen, Australian dollars and Canadian dollars.

Benefits for Buyers

Simple: open a PayPal account is very easy and, In addition, FREE . As soon as PayPal user, you can instantly send payments to anyone with an email address in any of the 55 countries and 6 currencies. Quick : to be able to send money instantly to anyone with an email address, you will receive your goods or services long before.

insurance: You can pay instantly with PayPal simply using the email address of the recipient without disclosing financial data or details of your credit card and / or debit card.

PayPal helps protect your account and your purchases.

PayPal is the safest way to pay online. Fraud prevention tools market leaders and the ability to pay without sharing your financial information will help reduce risks. Your safety is further increased thanks to protection programs and PayPal purchases a specialized Customer Service.

  • Extensive protection against fraudulent transactions from your account.
  • € 500.00 EUR Buyer Protection coverage on purchases eligible eBay
  • Dispute resolution on PayPal transactions
  • Extensive protection against fraudulent transactions from your account.
  • with PayPal, you will enjoy broad protection against fraudulent transactions from your account.
  • PayPal sends an email confirmation of each transaction account.
  • If you receive confirmation of a transaction you do not recognize, our dedicated Customer Service will help resolve the situation.
  • € 500.00 EUR Buyer Protection coverage on purchases eligible eBay
  • When buying on eBay, Look for items covered by PayPal Buyer Protection. The eligible items will automatically display the icon PayPal Buyer Protection and receive a free purchase protection up to € 500.00 EUR
  • When a transaction is not covered by PayPal Buyer Protection, you may still be covered by our Buyer Complaint Policy .
  • The PayPal Buyer Protection only can provide vendors with favorable transaction histories and meet strict eligibility criteria.
  • Know how a salesperson may be eligible to offer PayPal Buyer Protection.
  • To review the guidelines for filing a claim for specific terms and conditions, review the Policy PayPal Buyer Protection and Buyer Complaint Policy of our Terms of Use.