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Shipping & transport




World Buddha has a policy of shipping and transport that allows you to deliver your orders in the shortest possible time.

You will be informed at all times via telephone +34 91 787 7091 and email address of contact where you can consult or solve any questions or problems arising with the transport.

Our orders leave our warehouse in Spain with free shipping to worldwide. When you ask your order on our website only, you will have to pay the price of the items. No minimums. Get all the orders you want without problem since you won't have to pay anything for shipping.

We ship to all over the world. You can check out our table if you wish with the countries and the reception times for each:

Spain 10 days
Canary Islands 10 days
Balearic Islands 10 days
Europe 21 days
Asia 21 days
Oceania 21 days
Australia 21 days
New Zealand 21 days
USA 21 days
Canada 21 days
Argentina 25 days
Bolivia 25 days
Brazil 25 days
Chile 25 days
Colombia 25 days
Costa Rica 25 days
Cuba 25 days
Ecuador 25 days
El Salvador 25 days
Guatemala 25 days
Honduras 25 days
Nicaragua 25 days
Panama 25 days
Puerto Rico 25 days
Mexico 25 days
Paraguay 25 days
Peru 25 days
Dominicana 25 days
Uruguay 25 days
Venezuela 25 days
Haiti 25 days
Belize 25 days
Virgin Islands 25 days
Guadalupe 25 days
French Guiana 25 days
Martinique 25 days
San Bartolomé 25 days
San Martin 25 days

Most orders come in as soon as possible after lower payment confirmation. For orders with more than one item, to avoid delays in shipment, We can divide the order in several parts by several independent sendings to make so you can enjoy your items as soon as possible.




All our orders are shipped with tracking number. If you see that your order does not arrive or want to review where, You can ask for the tracking number via our info@mundobuda.com mail and will send you the tracking and the link for review.

To avoid delays in shipment, We can perform multiple shipments per order (for orders with more than one item). If you see that you supply various tracking, These are each item in your order.

The same, If you see only a part of the order comes to you, Do not worry. The other part of the order will be arriving. Should you have any questions, contact us and we'll help you.

Please note that if the tracking is not updated It is because it is en route to his country. Once the shipment has completed all customs procedures, tracking information will be updated and you will see a more accurate date of delivery time.


Delivery terms


World Buddha is not responsible for any possible damages caused by the delay in the delivery of material because of incidents in transport, absences at the time of delivery or other causes not attributable to world Buddha. Also, World Buddha is not responsible for the impossibilities of delivery due to incomplete or erroneous information given by the customer in order.