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How to tell if your partner is your true love

How to tell if your partner is your true love

Every relationship at the beginning is a rose Garden, but as time passes it is losing what the principo was daily bread. You must realize that times and people change and thus also the relationship and should not get bogged down in believing that things will always be like the first time.


10 moments that you have to live to see if your partner is your true love


Then you leave 10 moments that you live with your partner to know if it is true love.


1. The first months


They are corny, Romantic and yes, We all love because this is where we will know and yes, It is an important stage because you're realizing how things are going with that person.


2. Go increasingly spreading communication


This escalates. From the outset it is important this factor, because if there is this then the relationship does not have much future.


3. Go increasing confidence between the two


4. Know their parents


In every relationship is a crucial time, exciting, nervous, but good. We all get along with care "laws".


5. Start planning things together


Share your dreams and ambitions, merge and plan ahead, It is always motivating.


6. Start organizing your time and money to spend together


7. Move in and start living together


Live together and is a completely different stage in a relationship, literally speaking. But, to work the interior points must be "updated".


8. Go through the stages of their personal lives and together in the best way


Yes, although we have our partner we are still people with a world apart and treasury goals to meet. If you can cope with both worlds and turn it into one, everything will be fine.


9. given space, understand that besides being your boyfriend, It is a person


10. Patience and understanding


The most important point and that more must be present in all of the above.


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