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Natural Stone Bracelet Stone Lava and Stone Darkmoon


Balance your body and your mind through this natural stone bracelet with moonstone. You'll notice how your body naturally rebalances.

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Natural stone bracelet is a great help to both physically and mentally autoregularte. This beautiful bracelet is finished in black moonstone, which help accentuate your inner emotional and restore your body.

Enjoy the benefits of moonstone

The moonstone is certainly one of the minerals more help women in all its facets. As the name suggests is a mineral that is very close to the moon. Why many people only used during different cycles of the same. Like this, there are people who believe that this mineral It protects more during the growing phase and less moon during the waning moon phase.

It is a stone that is strongly associated with changes that women have cycles, as it can be from infancy to puberty, the menstruation, the pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and menopause. It is closely linked to the Pineal gland and balances the hormonal system.

Promotes emotional balance. If you are a very impulsive woman or you tend to lose control, Moon stone will help stabilize your emotions. It is very useful for women who continually change their emotional state, can go from joy to tears in seconds. Get used to take with you as this glass will help stabilize you emotionally. Gradually eliminating these mood swings.

An interesting point for those women who have hyperactive children. They can also wear this gemstone as it will help them to calm their energy. It is generally recommended for people who are very active and find it very difficult to find calm.

Removes excess sensitivity in women who are pure feeling. Get regulate all your emotions with this mineral.

Whether you're an impulsive person, without patience or repetitive thoughts, This natural stone bracelets will help you find your balance.

Surprised by the strength of this natural stone bracelets

Feel your body and your mind better every day with this natural stone bracelets


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