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Yoga leggings with Buddhist images



Surprise everyone with a style of dress more colorful and oriental. Thanks to these leggins, everyone will fall surrendered at your feet.

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These great yoga leggings will make everyone wonder you are facing. These leggings have stamped on its surface several Buddhist and oriental motifs on each leg. Among them we can see for example, Face Buddha, the circle of yin and yang, open lotus flower, Buddhist mantra Om, etc. In addition, all these symbols are full of life thanks to the chosen color palette ranging from blues to reds. This color combination makes these leggings visually impacting everyone who sees them, so everyone will notice them as long as you take positions.

More than a yoga leggings

These leggings are made of spandex, polyester and cotton. Like this, every time we put, we can feel the softness of cotton. In addition, polyester gives greater resistance, so we can do all sorts of activities with them. Finally, spandex adds elasticity leggings, so they fail to adapt to your figure once you submit it. In addition, the union of these materials has many beneficial effects on the skin. Its high breathability makes every time you do not exercise you sweat accumulates in the legs. This way we avoid the annoying skin feeling stuck by sweat. It also helps reduce the orange skin on the buttocks and legs. With them on, you feel like wearing a second skin over yours that protects you and helps you.

Thanks to all this, In addition to performing yoga, we can also bring to our daily activities. We can go shopping, the super, to run, with our friends, etc. Do not let anything stop and enjoy with your leggings!

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