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Detox Juice Pineapple and Ginger

Detox Juice Pineapple and Ginger

The pineapple juice and ginger Detox It is a delicious Alternative slimming activating the metabolism. The combination of benefits of pineapple and ginger allows detoxify the body for its features depurativas and energy.


What is a Juice Detox?


They are all those drinks made with natural ingredients that favor removing toxins by combining the benefits of its ingredients.

Commonly used as an aid in the weight control and energizing in most diets.


How to prepare pineapple juice and ginger Detox?


It is essential to note the quality of the ingredients, in this case pineapple, They must be fresh and ripe fruits (Not to add sugar), if possible ecological for an excellent natural final product.


Ingredients for the preparation of a glass of pineapple juice and ginger.


  • ripe pineapple.
  • Ginger grated (5 grams / 1 teaspoonful)
  • 250DC base. We recommend using coconut milk for its taste but it can be replaced by a rice drink, ltake skimmed and strict diets for water.


Preparation mode Detox Juice.


  1. To begin start with ripe pineapple, It is cut crown, whole pineapple skin is removed by making vertical cuts. At last Pineapple cut into 2cm slices. For the preparation of a glass of juice are taken 2 pineapple slices and place in blender. No need to remove the center or heart of the pineapple because it does not change the flavor and takes an additional fiber.
  2. Take a piece of Ginger and scraped with a knife to remove the shell. Then it passes through the beam sufficient amount to one teaspoon (5 grams) and a blender is added.
  3. The base liquid, In this case coconut milk, 250cc they are taken and poured into a blender.
  4. With all the components together proceed to liquefy for a few seconds until the mixture is homogenizada.
  5. Handling and storage of pineapple juice and ginger Detox should always be performed in glass containers to prevent rust and keep their benefits.

It is advisable take the time but stored in a glass container in the refrigerator to take advantage of Detox benefits pineapple juice and ginger in the following 48 hours.

Not add refined sugar. If necessary sweeten Fructose or honey is recommended (Keep in mind that considerably increases the number of calories of juice).


Detox Juice benefits of pineapple and ginger.


This juice is Low in calories which makes it suitable in any diet of their choice.

Pineapple juice and ginger They form a combination which acts as diuretic by input from pineapple and power antioxidant Ginger obtaining a detoxifying effect (Detox) and anti-inflammatory intestinal.

Fiber Pineapple heart (Never cut) improves intestinal transit favoring Detox effect and preventing constipation.

Its high water content and fiber make the Pineapple juice and ginger Detox produce a Feeling full which helps control the urge to eat, decreasing the frequency of cravings feed.

To reap the full benefits of this drink is best taken on an empty stomach, in the early hours of the morning. This juice is energizing (Ginger) so it helps take the day's activities with zest. It can be used as a substitute for snacks in most diets.


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