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Green apple juice detox, kiwi, celery and ginger

Green apple juice detox, kiwi, celery and ginger

There are an infinite number of combinations of fruit juices and healthy vegetables to eliminate various toxins and cleanse our body. Yet it is not always obvious interrelate sweet flavors, acid and bitter ingredients. So today, I want to share with you a formula that, besides guaranteeing multiple beneficial properties for health, It's delicious, And it helps start the day in a good mood!




  • 1 Apple

Apple fiber plays an important role in weight loss benefits, since this provides satiety and keeps us satisfied longer. In addition, vitamins and minerals provide energy, which it is key to burn more calories throughout the day.


  • 1 sprig of celery

Celery will give us the chance to go eliminating fat thanks to its diuretic function, Purifying and satiating.


  • 1 o 2 kiwis

The kiwi has an interesting contribution both vitamins and mineral salts; That is why so positively affects the proper functioning of the nervous system and circulatory. In addition, rich in fiber helps in improving the intestinal transit.


  • ginger to taste (Optional few drops of lemon)

Ginger and lemon is a highly recommended combination. And it is that both foods provide significant amounts of vitamin C. Also, They have great antioxidant and contain very few calories.

Preparation method:


  • Wash all ingredients, to remove any dirt that may exist.
  • Chop the celery stick, peels and apple kiwi and also trocéalos.
  • Put all ingredients in the bowl of the mixer or blender, and also adds the water glass.
  • Creams or liquefy all ingredients.
  • In no time you'll have ready a delicious juice detox

If you want coldish you can add ice stones. To your health!



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