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Celery Juice Detox

Celery Juice Detox

Normally all spring to take advantage prepare our figure for summer and slimming. And liquefied natural detox juices They are a delicious and healthy choice for purify and detoxify our body. Take advantage of the properties of celery juice to make a depurativo.

Celery is a vegetable that can be appreciated by some and nothing desired by others, but the truth is that it has many properties to help you lose weight, nurture and have all the energy you need daily.

One of the main properties that have celery is that it is a excellent diuretic, so it will help you Purifying stimulate kidney function, It is very useful to combat problems such as gout, kidney stones or kidney failure. Thanks to its action, eliminates toxins negative that accumulate in your body so it is also suitable when purify the liver.

For this reason, In addition to include it in your diet through salads and other more elaborate dishes, Today I propose a few juice with celery they can help you to treat various ailments and you can encourage you to try.

With this recipe you can make a detox detox juice quickly and easily. This includes depurativo shake your detox diet and enjoy its benefits.

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Depurativo celery juice

This juice you can prepare only with celery and water, have a great power cleanser, and it can be not only utilizad to debug your kidneys, helping to improve kidney problems, but it is also good for cleaning other organs such as the liver, combating the problem of fatty liver.

You need to prepare a celery and a liter of water, and you can prepare liquefying celery into chunks, after washing carefully, and adding one liter of water. You can take this juice between meals, to better exploit its properties.

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