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Apple juice, lemon and grapefruit to lose weight

Apple juice, lemon and grapefruit to lose weight

This delicious apple juice, lemon and grapefruit will be very useful in the day to promote weight loss. It is a simple add-on that we introduce in our power to feel more satiated and combat fluid retention.

With this natural drink you get at all combat this excess fat tends to accumulate in the belly. If we are consistent and we used to eat it at breakfast or after our main meal, After two weeks you'll notice the results.

Remember to maintain a varied and balanced diet, and combat sedentary lifestyles long as you can.


The Apple, lemon and grapefruit: prodigious combination for weight loss


When you lose weight we know that there are no miracles but proper nutrition that allows us to get. Healthy weight loss is possible, as long as we care what foods well let's give our body.

So ... Why not resort to such healthy and delicious foods like an apple, a lemon and a grapefruit? We explain why they are so appropriate in case you want to lose weight.


Green apple, our ally to lose weight

There are many varieties of apples, but in our juice we will add a green apple, if possible, organic growing. We will include your skin, hence we are interested to be a natural and free of pesticides.

  • Green apples help us speed up metabolism.
  • Pectin containing skin We will help control excess lipids of our body. It is very suitable in case of obesity, as we help destroy the oldest fat nodules.
  • We will also allow balance the blood sugar level.
  • If something is healthy green apple is its high level of minerals and vitamins, which care for our cardiovascular health.
  • This fruit is rich in fiber satiating. Therefore, It will help us combat both retention and constipation.


Lemon, the key to an alkaline diet

In our space we've spoken often of the benefits of maintaining an alkaline diet: We eliminate these toxic that make us sick and inflame and, In addition, We optimize the functions of many of our organs.

  • Drink every day a glass of lemon juice facilitates the removal of fat. Action you is not "make them disappear": what you get is that they are less resistant and easier for us to burn them or delete them.
  • Thanks to the lemon we reduce bad cholesterol and facilitate proper circulation of blood.
  • Lemon is a flattering our digestions: It allows us to better assimilate nutrients and enjoy a healthier intestines, while preventing toxic elements reach the bloodstream.
  • Citric acid lemons and liver enzymes care our. Thanks to its antioxidant and vitamin C strengthen our immune system.


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