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Decoration: differences between Zen and Feng Shui

Decoration: differences between Zen and Feng Shui

Although it may seem the same, decoration Zen and Feng Shui they have few things in common apart from the fact that both are Oriental.

Many people tend to confuse them or even relate them together. For this reason, We want to explain some of the main differences between them.


Difference between decoration Zen and Feng Shui


The decorative base of each is different, as well as its outcomes and objectives. For example, What is being sought primarily with decoration Feng Shui is the creation of an environment with energy, balanced and out bad vibrations thanks to the use of different natural elements.

On the other hand, Zen decor It is quite different since it is the main objective that has the create a space where peace and tranquility are the backbone of each room of the House.

This difference does not mean that the home of a unique style can only be, rooms of the House can be combined in one and in another, getting a great amalgam of styles that will report lot of peace, order and balance to all the inhabitants of the home.


Decoration: differences between Zen and Feng Shui


In the decoration in which predominates the Feng Shui is committed to more furniture and accessories to create the desired space, always looking for the creation of rooms with an atmosphere full of energy, everything with your own order. We can find Woods, plants, stones, pictures, etc., but always preventing from blocking the movement of energy.

On the other hand, in Zen decor is more geared towards extreme minimalism, but not going so far as leaving the House stays completely nude but using the most basic furniture, relying on the straight lines, Accessories simple and natural.

Do you know the difference between these two styles?


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