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Yoga and Alzheimer's patients

Yoga and Alzheimer

In addition to providing peace of mind, relaxation and flexibility, yoga is a discipline that can bring many benefits, some of them unknown so far, as for example in people who have Alzheimer's.

Yoga, discipline ideal against Alzheimer's

A multidisciplinary team of scientists from the University of California – Los Angeles, It ensures that the cognitive and emotional problems that occur in the previous phases of this disease as well as other kinds of dementia can be reduced after practice during three months of yoga and meditation.

Helen Lavretsky, primary responsibility for this study, He said that the practice of yoga provides everyone a benefit much broader than the mere fact of train only memory. In addition, He pointed out that issues such as anxiety and mood among others have improved during these three months of yoga and meditation.

Were chosen for the study to 25 older people's 55 years. Eleven of them only trained mind and other fourteen made an hour of meditation and yoga, exactly Kirtan Kriya, widely used in India to prevent cognitive decline in people.

After three months, both groups showed similar improvements in relation to the verbal memory, but those who had made meditation and yoga gave better results in terms of Visual-spatial memory, something to remember places and to be, For example.

In addition, the people who did yoga also got reduce anxiety and depression as well as deal with more fortitude many emotions and stress.

Yoga and Alzheimer's

With these results, those responsible for the study have highlighted that yoga is much more than people know so far and this proves that you can influence a wide range of pathologies in the human being, being very effective in many of these.


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