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Live life day to day

Live life day to day

Life is a cause of constant celebration, We have thousand daily reason to celebrate, When we fail to appreciate them is when we're dissatisfied with life, When you want more than what we have and we are frustrated, When we act with fear of losing what we have, and when the life flows through us without us go through it.

When we see life with crystals with which we are endowed from our birth, We marvel every miracle and every simple thing is a discovery, Once it passes the time, the crystals become cloudy, We are losing our ability to surprise and the reasons for celebration are becoming more distant.

Many times things don't happen as we'd like, which we generate as little discomfort and makes us unable to thank and celebrate the experiences of our life, because put you a negative label... Life is a miracle from beginning to end, Learn to appreciate it is crucial, until death itself we have it as the worst thing that can happen to us, without considering that the most likely to be a simple closure of cycle, to continue beyond, but simply the attachments does not allow us to see it with detachment and appreciation for what has been lived.


How can we improve our days?


When we see life in a positive way, We take off the prejudices and appreciate it as it is, We began to appreciate each moment, We realize that life is now, There is no more... Yes, How not, We project ourselves to future, We can make plans, but our minds should not to lose us life travelling in time, of the past, with longing and nostalgia, to the future with anxiety and longing.


Live day to day


If today were the last day of your life, What would you like to do, do really you worry about you not having that car, or do culminated a part of that project as you've planned it? Do correrías work to finish something or do search to your loved to give a hug, or you go to that special place where small you used to run and jump without stopping? Do you detendrías might see that last sunset? Would how what you invest? If anything what you think at this time is part of your daily dynamics and check what you are spending your time.

It is celebrated every minute of your existence, celebrated what was, much of it made you be as you are today and especially celebrated with hope and confidence that the best is yet to come, Although the past is charged what you think has been the best of your life, Project yourself to be happy from now until the end.

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