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Living with a broken heart is to breathe pieces

Living with a broken heart is to breathe pieces

Living with a broken heart is to walk as naked, with half empty soul and tied by a rope that still belongs to someone else. It is a slow suffocation torture and pain, However, No pain is forever.

They say it's the time who heals the heartbreaks, offenses, and disappointments. However, not only the passage of the days will be a good ally, our courage and inner strength who will be guiding us little by little so that the wound hurts a little less. And although there is no oblivion, at least, we break.

Live with a broken heart does not kill anyone, but there are many things we are dying inside. However, No one deserves eternal suffering, but a breath which revive again find ourselves.

Emotional wound caused by a love that could not be, or a love that was and vanished, is undoubtedly one of the most traumatic experience that can humans.

Were immobilized because our values ​​are broken, why illusions fade and because we have to pick up piece by piece self-esteem that has been often fragmented. The subsequent healing process, It is slow and delicate.


A broken heart requires gold seal fragments


A broken bone sometimes takes much less time to heal than a broken heart. Now well, to heal every wound requires will and above all the ability to assume that we will no longer be the same. Let's get out of this strengthened process, we will be resilient and to obtain an apprenticeship of lived experience.

In Japan there is an ancient art called Kintsukuroi: It is to attach objects with gold broken, because there is also beauty in the wounds have healed, because the end result tells the history of these parts now only.

Kintsukuroi tradition shows us actually a kind of philosophy that invites us to take more than a reflection. We invite you to take them into account:

  • If we resist to take that loss, that disappointment, rejection or separation, We will remain anchored to an eternal and unnecessary suffering.
  • It is important to accept what happened, turn and accept "that we are not good". Acknowledge the pain is to accept a reality that we must work every day.
  • Pain is part of you but not you: understands that it must be temporary.
  • Do not make the mistake of wanting to return to your old situation. You will not be the / the same as yesterday, They will change many things inside you, and need not be negative.
  • Kintsukuroi art is aimed at not hide fractures, breaks these porcelain pieces. The magic is in sealing them in gold to show where the wound is and get a final result where beauty is undeniable.
  • Tradition has, every object that has been sealed with the technique of Kintsukuroi never again break.

Put aside what you feel and remember what you deserve


We know that a broken heart can not be repaired with gold, but with the intense flash of your emotions struggling to ignite new dreams, to heal lost dreams and wake up with new more intense, with deeper roots.

Sometimes we are so strong that we come to love those who do not deserve us heartbroken. Do not let that happen, put aside what you feel and remember what you deserve. Remember that love is joy, not suffering.

Actually it is not a simple process. Tears and emerge from the ashes of life that we dream and we do not reach is not always easy, but not hard it will be impossible. Unlike, in fact there will come a time when you will feel proud of yourself, for having become the person who really wanted to be: someone free from suffering.

Living heartbroken

People who walk everyday heartbroken, They have forgotten what they deserve. For this reason, it would be very appropriate for the "gold" that will seal the fractures of your broken soul, are these simple principles:

  • You deserve to be loved, you deserve to be happy. No one should live the sentence be miserable every day of your life.
  • The choice made by a person at a given time does not define you. It's not you. It is your thinking, is its microworld and an alien universe in which you must not collapse. Your reality is unique and very different from that of he or she who broke your heart.
  • No one but you will get out of this situation. You must be you the subtle craftsman who will heal his wounds with gold self-esteem, with the gold of his renewed hopes, with golden new hope to embark upon every day ...

Broken hearts are drifting boats advancing lost for a while. However, always they end up finding calm and serene that direction that leads to true happiness. Real.


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