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It takes a step forward in your day to day. Live the moment.

It takes a step forward in your day to day. Live the moment.

Us passes over every Sunday afternoon we are melancholy and we stress. We have the feeling that the days go flying, as if run in a permanent sprint whose pace we cannot continue. We will always behind and with his tongue out. And when we arrived at the weekend is as if I had a few hours less...

And we minimim us by all the things that we would like to do and we have not. And however, So let all those things that we like for the ultimate, with the false idea of “enjoy it”. Like when you leave room for dessert that you like so much, and you leave the end. And when we arrived, We are so exhausted that we leave it for another day.

The big problem is that We autoengañamos us to thinking that tomorrow will be a better day. As if today without. I will do all that you want, that I will have time and unlimited energy to complete that endless and implausible list we have set, and we today look askance to not feel guilty.

Live the moment

We skipped the present without excuse that is worth. We skipped that life goes between a myriad of opportunities that come and go. There are some of them ever returning. Normally the best, which we like. Which more fears give us. Which terrorize us.

We skipped that opportunities the is the first that comes along and sees them. Who was there and did not fear to pick it up. That was ahead of the rest, which was prepared. Maybe you could see it, Maybe he took it without knowing what he took. But once it is yours, us is not obliged to wait for you to release the. Or that is planted us another like or better before us. Another that being second is not us.

And we become grousers and pataleamos against injustice. We blame others, to contingencies that arise us, the routine that we ourselves create, and life itself. We blame those moments that do not recur for much that we try. We forget that it depends on us live them firsthand, in present indicative form.


We repent and Miss in past perfect.


That good friend that we always have in mind see or that much-desired call but for which never see the right time. Hoping that the stars are aligned to make it the perfect occasion. As if any. As if coming from the outside it were best that creating it inside.

Why have to propose us realize what we love to do. Fill our time with everything that fills us with happiness, What us gives meaning and paints of colour today. We have to skip the rocks ourselves to get to where we want to.


We try to choose.


You choose to leap and hop on that train who announces his departure. He starts that journey that you take time preparing your luggage. No matter you go full, or that you are the only passenger. You just enjoy the ride, the landscape and each stop you are. Each trip is unique.

Select flow. Be yourself. And not give you fear nobody to steal you. And no one invades your space without your permission. Choose from the inside and not from other eyes. No matter how wise that are, the loved ones that you or the threatening that you bully.

Choose travel roads that once seemed difficult to you or were you not. Plan your steps, the branches that you want to follow and breaks that you take. Design your plan, create your future and choose the company. To your liking.

Choose knowing that at the end of the day you'll be happy. You will feel proud of your decisions, How was your day and what you expect to come. Remember that you as they say, your life is yours, and are responsible for living it, enjoy it and do whatever you want in it.

Choose prioritize you you.

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