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Is there an appropriate age to marry?

Is there an appropriate age to marry?

A while now there is much talk on the Internet about the optimal age for marriage. This is because the American sociologist Nicholas H. Wolfinger, researcher at the University of Utah, He conducted an analysis about the ideal age to marry. The results of their study establish that ideal age is between twenty-five and thirty-two years, Since, according to revised data, couples divorce in this age group is much less likely than other age ranges.

The study, However, It did not emerge from nowhere, but data collected Wolfinger 2006 to 2010 National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG, for its acronym in English), by the US government and compared with those recorded in 1995. The comparison led him to finalize that marriages that were initiated during adolescence or after "discovered" average ages for him, They were likely to fail.


What premium actually marital stability, age or emotional maturity?

Both aspects are relevant. With each age gets the factors that allow a human being to grow, is strengthened and mature. It is true that a marriage of a couple of young people who join at the age of 16 years will require much more effort on the part of both, but personally everyone has the strength, the necessary commitment and love towards your spouse, that relationship in particular tends to be as prosperous and lasting as the union of a marriage between 25 and the 32 years, or one of people of an older age.

Now well, It does not mean that all marriages that stay together have been happy; it's more, many of those unions that augment these statistics remain for commitment and under the pressure of affliction or some kind of family dysfunction. ty Tashiro, psychologist author of the book The Science of 'And they lived happily ever after', states that only three of ten people who marry, They remain in a happy and healthy marriage.


So, What factors prevail in a stable and lasting marriage?

You can not be reduced to one or two elements. Arguably, it is a compilation of love, fidelity, honesty, respect, unified work, understanding and intimate understanding; these and more regardless of a specific order. However, other studies claim that many marriages owe their happiness and permanence to two important factors: kindness and generosity.


Why kindness?

Says a saying in my country: "You attract more flies with honey than gall". Put more cordial manner, more happiness is achieved by being a nice and friendly person with the spouse showing a bitter face every second of the day. Couples wait a mutual and otherwise support or positive responses, and this does not seem so difficult and when you love. By affection you can give a little in the field of understanding.


Why generosity?

Being generous is a quality that few possess and it is a pity that has taken hold of the relationships. It is not about to go bankrupt by whim as the couple wishes; It is willing to share time, details, affected; I mean, rid of selfishness and know that it is no longer one but are two people with the same goal in common, a wedding.

I mean, that divorce is not something dictated by the age at which you married, although it clearly affects. Which breaks a marriage is determined more by the lack of emotional maturity, generosity and kindness, and that it is crucial.

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