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¿Storms in the relationship? Reinvéntate

¿Storms in the relationship? Reinvéntate

For those who have had the good fortune to fall in love, it is known that love is a virtually impossible to catch nectar.

One of the features of infatuation is that we believe, we and our love, will remain intact until eternity. However, like it or not, existence itself is a succession of constant changes. Our life is continually overrun by events that removed the foundations of the peace achieved. Crises appear, the conflicts, emotional imbalances, everything is mixed, It confused in chaos and intoxication of falling in love.

crises, if we do not tolerate, They can be destructive, pero si aprendemos a crecer a través de ellas pueden enseñarnos a amar más y mejor. A couple is chosen each other at a particular point in their lives, that distinguished by certain tastes, ideas and values, and conflicts and own desires of the stage are. In the relationship defined roles, tasks and ways of linking, where each accommodates the characteristics of the other, enhancing some aspects of self and others procrastinating.

The passage of time will change to lovers, but not always in the same direction, roles formerly played with pleasure, They can now drown. Delegated tasks with gusto on the other, today may want to recover. Which first he lived as an opportunity, At this point you may feel like a brake, all it varies and are left memories.

Until one day everything starts to fail and dissatisfactions can no longer hide. Differences previously not matter, They are become serious incompatibilities. What once it made out the best in each, poisons now. Disagreements can lead to deterioration of affectivity, the lack of interest in what the other is living and amplifying its defects. Or to feel that every day has less in common, the couple own or prevents the growth that was left behind. What was love before and passion, has become love and routine and somehow, the relationship feeds on memories constructed, of what was and what we want and is no longer.

every crisis, although it seems a threat, expression is growth. Life changes and changes us, and the difficulty of going updating with each other. It is a clear sign of a mismatch which requires transformations.

¿Storms in the relationship? Reinvéntate

Every personal relationship we establish does bring to light something that we are and leave as much in the shadows. A relationship shaken by a crisis can not remain as it was before, because it is destroyed, It is a valuable opportunity to renew and rethink things, on the whole.

However, often it ends in break and sometimes we choose us again after all. Many may not succeed and find another way, the case is to be aware that this does not mean that we will find a different picture from that made us, although we still love memories. Every relationship requires reinventing, but always looking for a fresh new way.

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