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3 types of emotional dependence

3 types of emotional dependence

Emotional dependence is a complex condition that is due not only to a single factor. In addition, in many cases not even aware is a reality. On the other hand, emotional dependent thinks that the problems arising from their dependence have a different origin and, often, external.

You can talk about three types basic of emotional dependence and are as follows.


emotional dependence on family


It usually occurs in an environment where parents suffer from severe anxiety states and transmit it to their children. The latter are educated with excessive fear against the world. Externals is seen as a threat and the family as a refuge.

In such families do not trust self-la is encouraged. why fear is promoted to the major challenges. Basically it is a wrong way to overcome anxiety. It is also an equivocal response to the need to grow and become autonomous.


emotional dependence of the couple


It is one of the most common and most harmful. It is assumed that the couple gives meaning to one's life or protect a terrible loneliness. Why the couple becomes the axis of life own.

This kind of dependence is typical of insecure people. They not clear what they can do and what not so they need support to live and give that role to your partner and together make as a shield against suffering or fear. This dependence eventually causes great suffering. Like this, dependency ratio deteriorates rather than make it stronger.

emotional dependence


Dependence on social environment


Are people who have excessive need to be recognized and approved in any environment, if that is not the individual is given panics and will do everything necessary to achieve how to be excessively servile or invisibilized.

In the first case, the clerk feels compelled to please others, passing over himself even. In the second case, the person can give up their convictions, so as not to come into tension with its surroundings.

In both cases, the situation is completely harmful.


Meet your dependence


Whatever the type of dependency problem lies in the low self-esteem and poor assessment of themselves.

That's why you should face those fears. Maybe you just need to take the first step. Do not be afraid to leave your comfort zone. The self-confidence is not built overnight the, but something is certain: If you build it away from "dependencies" This will be much stronger


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