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Do you have bad luck in love?

Do you have bad luck in love?

We constantly hear people say "I do not have luck in love"That everyone else do better than them in their relationships, that all people who cross their lives are equal, and many etceteras representing the dissatisfaction regarding the results of their love relationships.

But you have to keep in mind it is that luck does not exist, Accordingly result beyond previous actions and consider that "luck" must touch us so that we do well in love is quite hopeless, demonstrating that do not feel any kind of control over events, but we are subject to a twist of fate.

We are the creators of our lives and every part in our mind and manifests through our thoughts, gradually come to life. If we believe that "we are unlucky in love", materialicemos because everything will be aligned with that belief, so if we are to believe in luck, At least we think we have good luck all!

No matter if the expectations are high or low, Having an idea of ​​what should be our relationship, instead of build and work why we want, puts us at a disadvantage, perhaps even stop giving him the opportunity to perfect who would engage us by preconceived ideas.

We never start from the idea that it is the other who must change, even healthier: we do not we link affectively waiting for the other fits into our pattern, leave aside expectations and we accept that we will have differences, there will be good times and bad, if a good team is formed, problems shall be solved and grow as a couple. Let us remember that we are human first of all and we have fairly similar interests. Forget luck, We try to be what we are looking at the other and we get the best gear.


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