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Traditional Japanese zabuton


Sit comfortably and meditate with this zabuton created handmade Japanese style.

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Japanese tradition is tatami with low tables for hundreds of years. That is why for millennia, the empire of the rising sun has perfected the Zafu and zabutones not only to meditate, but for everyday. In this way, from peasants to emperors, They needed comfortable seating where you can sit undisturbed. This zabuton is crado using traditional techniques from Japan, following a court traditional.

Feel comfortable and relaxed as you feel thanks to this original zabuton

This zabuton has been created with straw manually spinning techniques tradicionals. In this way, we get not just a cut rustic zabuton, but also environmentally friendly. Zabuton has a diameter of 45cm and a height of 5cm.

Be surprised by this wonderful zabuton

Get more oriental-style home with this zabuton

Make all your sight seeing be surprised with this zabuton



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