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Meditates calm and without any disruption thanks to the comfort that gives you this fantastic zabuton.

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Comfort is a very important element in the meditation sessions. Being comfortable we can focus on our breathing and our inner rhythm for, thus, get rid of other external stimuli and to meditate deeply. In the same way, with an inappropriate position or in an inappropriate place, not only might we fail to reach that point of relaxation we need, but also over time, we may suffer different injuries or discomforts. That is why so you can make all your meditation sessions in a comfortable and quiet we bring this wonderful zabuton.

Discover the comfort of quiet meditation with this zabuton

This circular zabuton is embroidered linen with a high comfort from the first moment you feel it. The zabuton is available in two different sizes that are 40cm x 10cm x 40cm and 50cm x 50cm x 10cm.

Surprise your guests with this wonderful zabuton

Recomfortado feel as you meditate on your zabuton

Meditates peacefully with your zabuton


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