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Boho Chic Beach Dress with Tassels



Protect your skin from wind and sun damage thanks to this lovely sundress. So you can always keep your skin soft and shiny.

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As we reached the beach, we love to push us in the sand, walking or water. Even so, care must be taken in the hours of more heat and sun. Sunbeams in perspective, They can help us acquire that dark tone we want, but if we spend, We can burn the skin. The same, when the day ends and begins to cool, It can raise air that can disturb us in the skin. To avoid this we bring this fantastic dress boho chic. As you put it, You can thus protect resguardarte and not damage the skin.

Boho chic clothing dress

This dress is made of cotton V-neck. With its length, It covers us from shoulders to below the hips, reaching the thigh. In addition, You have wide sleeves bat that will allow you to move without any problem whatever you do.

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Protect your skin at the beach

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Enjoy with your dress boho chic on the beach

Enjoy the beach without risking your skin

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