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Top Silvestre Boho Chic



This lovely boho chic top will help you stand out from everyone thanks to its wonderful wild print.

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Discover your inner green eco friendly all your friends and acquaintances thanks to your top boho chic. His beautiful print evokes the countryside and nature.

This short top fastening straps has a tight neck neckline and sleeveless. Like this, in this way, You can show both your waist and your arms and shoulder blades creating a different aura. The fall of the top is longer by the back to the front, Finished in beautiful embroidery.

The top is made of polyester, thus providing strength and comfort. In this way, every time you put it you can perform all the activities that you propose without any problems.

Join your self more natural with your top boho chic

The instinctive nature means establishing a territory, find the herd itself, be in one's body with certainty and pride, whatever the gifts and physical limitations, speak and act on their own behalf, be aware and be on guard, draw on the innate feminine powers of intuition and perception, recovering own cycles, find out which place corresponds to a, up with dignity and preserve the widest possible awareness. In this way we can be ourselves.

Air exchange, light and heat rejuvenates our internal structures equipping them with new impulses that make our lives easier. Open our physical space, mental and spiritual nature provides us greater capacity to adapt to the environment, so that the relationship with him becomes more fluid.

But how can we open ourselves to nature? What we ask is a caring attitude and at the same time brave. We must be careful not to let ourselves be enveloped by the euphoria of what surrounds us. Both, we must prepare to enjoy nature, because it is germ health and vitality.

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Discover your greener side with boho chic top wild

Wild boho chic top will highlight your natural features


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