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Anklet Sea Turtle


Wear your beautiful feet and leaves everyone mesmerized by this beautiful anklet sea turtle

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It's always time to show off your feet, and thanks to this beautiful anklet with sea turtle, every time your feet and ankles luzcas, You attract all eyes to you. Its minimalist style but detailed makes this gem a must have in your toiletry bag. Every time you go out with her, Everyone will be at your feet!

This beautiful anklet has a chain that can regulate between 19cm and 26cm thanks to its closure clamp. The anklet is finished in a sea turtle 1.3cm long.

The spiritual power of the sea turtle

Because of its appearance with eyes open, long-lived, and the carefree attitude of the turtle is often regarded as the wisest of spirits between the animal kingdom.

Turtles are associated with water, which brings as a totem a sense of movement. It also gives intuition and emotion to life. In China and Japan the turtle is a symbol of longevity. In the myth of the Asian turtle represents the cosmic order.

The turtle is considered a symbol of long life and tenacity in the folklore of many cultures. Having turtles as pets or having figures of turtles attracts good luck to the home or office. Turtle longevity is associated with favoring good health and protect against bad energies. In this way, shaped accessories Turtle, as well as statues or figurines, They are entertained as a way to wish a long and prosperous life.

With your anklet shaped sea turtle, You can also bring you luck and good fortune. This way you can enjoy a healthy life for many years. Do not hesitate and get your own!

Luce your beautiful anklet sea turtle

Enjoy your anklet







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