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Moon and Stars anklet


Surprise everyone wearing your feet as you walk and fantastic stroll. Nobody can look away from your anklet boho

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The anklets are an essential element in the vanity of many women. Thanks to this model boho anklet, We can help our feet and legs to look different, thus attracting the eyes of everyone. In this way, every time you go out to the street will look splendid. Surprise everyone!

You can use this anklet for day to day such as walking, go with your friends, go to work. You can also use them for special occasions, such as a dinner, an appointment, a party, etc.

This brace is formed by 3 parts.

The top of the anklet is formed by a large number of accounts, an account with blue glass at the end. The intermediate portion of the ankle brace consists of a chain with multiple accounts at regular intervals that run. Finally, the bottom of the brace is formed by a chain with pendant way of stars, finish a moon with crimps on its surface crystals. All strings are attached to the rear of the anklet boho. Sn single closing clamp can regulate the circumference anklet from 19.5cm to 25cm.

Let fall upon you the power of the moon

Lunar influences in humans are well demonstrated, even through purely scientific work. Today, we know that the moon affects not only the tides and pregnant women, it also affects our character, mood and therefore our way of doing and perceiving things.

Moon measures the fluctuations in the flow of energy and coordinates activities of organic life to psychological and chemical level, Moon acts on the circulation of blood and lymph, sympathetic nervous system, parasympathetic and breathing. It acts on the cerebro-spinal nervous system that serves the ego to express their will and conscience.

With this anklet boho, You can give your style a chic touch


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