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Anklet Starfish


Luce your feet and ankles fantastic this summer with your anklet starfish. Ideal for going to the beach and surprise!

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The anklets are a great accessory so that people fixate on our legs and feet. Thanks to them, many can look fantastic ankles. Put on your anklet and surprises everyone!

This fantastic anklet chain is finished in a small pendant shaped like starfish. It has a lobster claw clasp with a total length of 26cm. His unmistakable style is ideal for going to the beach or when you go to a boardwalk or terrace by the sea. This way you evocarás summer power.

Anklets in history

anklets (also called anklets) They have been a fixture widely used for years in many cultures and each has had a different meaning.

In ancient Egypt it was believed to carry a chain around the ankle attracted good luck and fortune.

In India for example only girls or married women could use, once the woman was divorced or widowed they could no longer use.

People who formerly worked in the field; anklets became with sound pendants to ward off insects and prevent their bites.

Give a different touch to your feet with anklet bracelet

Let everyone admire your beautiful ankles with anklets

Leaves everyone surprised with your beautiful bracelet


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