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Double anklet Sea Turtle


Enhances the beauty of your legs and feet thanks to this double bracelet pendant sea turtle. Everyone will be amazed!

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Dazzles everyone thanks to your beautiful ankles. Thanks to this wonderful double anklet sea turtle, You can focus attention on and accentuate your legs, ankles and feet.

This brace is formed by two chains attached to the final closure clamp. At the top of the anklet, the chain has silver beads and cyan. The bottom of the anklet is made up of several different types of accounts. Among them are bills shaped like starfish, natural stone beads and silver beads. The bracelet is finished in a small pendant shaped silver sea turtle that creates a contrast with your skin. In this way, you will achieve attract attention worldwide.

This anklet has a total length of 28cm, can be adjusted between 23cm and 28cm thanks to its clamp.

Find the way of your spirit through the sea turtle

Turtles are also a symbol of nurturing and creation. We can also highlight the aspect that some cultures saw the turtle shells as maps of the constellations and stars. Is more, many of the turtle shells are divided into 13 sections, which is associated with 13 phases of the moon during the year.

That is why the sea turtle is considered a sacred animal for many cultures. People who are under their protection are very long-lived souls who have also accumulated many experiences and knowledge. It is to them that the turtle appears to them to guide them. In this way, They can bring awareness to achieve wisdom that require at all times. As a result, we can find the right path in life and follow it straight path.

Walk you also your own way through this beautiful anklet!



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