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Double Silver anklet with knot Thread



Enhances the look of your ankles while samples a more chic look thanks to these beautiful anklets boho.

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Let everyone noticed your lovely legs and feet thanks to this double anklet. Your boho chic finish you will be the envy of all!

This brace is made from 2 parallel cords. Each bead carries silver beads throughout their length and joined end to end in the form of 2 Twin sea star or a pendant with the mantra OM Recorded. On the back, its simple knot lets you choose the overall diameter of the anklet, It is the maximum circumference of 25cm. In this way, you can take it tighter or looser in your ankles as you go clothes to wear or style of footwear. Thanks to this anklet boho, You can complement your style easy and quickly. Let your feet look resplendent with your anklet boho!

Anklets through history

Not all women wear anklets, the truth is that at first glance represent sensuality, as it enhances and gives a different touch to foot; They are used mostly in summer time, although there are those who constantly use, but what do they mean?.

There are several meanings and origins; The first is that the book came Thousand and One Nights, Medieval Arab origin; He spoke of anklets as identifying prostitutes and gay in antiquity.

Now well, according to other sources, in India this accessory is important for women and have to carry during marriage; whereas widows can not wear them.

In ancient Egypt, It was believed to carry a chain around the ankle attracted good luck and fortune; Some people working in the field, They used to wear anklets with sound pendant to ward off insects and avoid bites.

In the Sumerian culture, women used these jewels of silver or gold, meaning of wealth as husband.


Model 001 – Starfish

Boho enjoys showing your anklet with twin sea stars

Model 002 – Mantra OMShows your peace and calm with this anklet with mantra OM

Everyone will be surprised with the boho chic style of your anklet

Matching anklets help you create a nice contrast

Maravilla your friends thanks to this boho bracelet

Make surprised everyone with you




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