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Double heart anklet



Love is in the air during spring and summer. Let yourself also cover you for the love thanks to our beautiful anklet.

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Love is there so you can find it. Thanks to this anklet, all will be fixed on you instantly.

This beautiful anklet has two chains linked together. The first chain has several cylindrical beads placed at regular intervals. The second chain is finished in a small heart. Both chains are attached at the end on a lobster claw clasp, You easily can be adjusted between 22cm and 27cm so that you can adjust it as you see fit.

Love is in the air

Either in spring or summer, both seasons are the people he loves most. In these stations it is when we discovered a summer love, a couple or even love of our life. Therefore we recommend you leave home for a walk or to the beach to uncover love. A party, while resting, etc, any time is good to fall in love and have fun.

Surprise everyone with your anklet

Looking for love with your anklet

Surprise everyone with your anklet

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