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Anklet Buddhist del Sol



Praise the sun! Show the world your beautiful feet, ankles and legs thanks to this anklet. Everyone will be amazed!

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The sun is the source of life and energy. We all walk under the sun going forward in life. These precious anklets are your ideal to highlight your feet and legs while walking supplement. Thanks to them, everyone will notice you. Swim can look away! You'll become in the spotlight!

Each of the anklet is different, but each evokes participation sun.

In the model 001 anklet is twofold, formed therein by a chain with multiple accounts while the outer string is. It is in the outer string where is located the sun shaped pendant.

The model 002 It is also a double model anklet. On the inside of the anklet, we have a double thread that ends up in the sun, while the outermost part has a finished metal chain in an elephant. This animal has been depicted many times in Buddhist symbolism because of their veneration for their ability to bring good luck and have a firm step to obstacles.

The closure of both chains is pincer, can vary its circumference from 19.5cm 25.5cm to.

The importance of the sun in Buddhism

The sun has to do with the sense of self in Buddhism. The Sun is the largest body in the solar system and exerting more clearly his astrological influence. It represents the central influences for oneself: those on the sense of self, I mean, primary identity, It comprising individual core beliefs. The Sun shows where our interests are or where we tend to put more dedication.
According to Buddhism, the sense of being is an interdependent phenomenon. Meditation around it contemplates various factors: family, education, socioeconomic status and, by last, cultural and ethnic background. The sum of these elements and other subtle factors such as astrological create holistic whole being.


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