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Boho anklet Dolphin


Dazzles all thanks to this beautiful boho finished in a dolphin anklet. With it, your feet will look more impressive.

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Anklets is a chic way to highlight and show off your feet, legs and ankles. Thanks to this anklet boho chic, every time you leave home, everyone will be impressed with your figure.

The anklet is formed by two chains, an upper and lower, with metal beads at regular intervals. In addition, the bottom strand is finished in a beautiful dolphin leaping.

This anklet boho chic is completed on a lobster claw clasp that allows you to adjust the circumference of 20.5cm and 26.5cm between.

Our love for dolphins

Usually it associated with the dolphin symbolism related to the water and all that it implies: mobility, mystery, depth and, also, clarity.

The iconography of all time has been taken to represent the true abundance dolphin. As in coins, relieves, drawings, and especially in the classical world.

For example, the Greeks had a certain symbolic richness and was dedicated to the god Apollo and, also, the god Dionysus, the goddess Aphrodite and Poseidon.

When the sailors of antiquity lost control of their minds because of the excess of ingested alcohol and fell into the sea, They became dolphins. Thus it appears certain symbolic relationship between the dolphin and transformation and regeneration.

For the Symbolists, It represents dolphin, In addition, the strength of knowledge, Prudence and divination. Such features make the dolphin in an animal of great symbolic wealth.

Es muy importante tener en cuenta que el delfín está conectado con los temas de la dualidad. The dolphin is a fish, yet it's a mammal. The dolphin is water, but at the same time, breathe air. It is said the dolphin can be in two worlds at once. In fact, The dolphin is ying and yang.

Give a different touch to your feet with our anklet boho chic


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