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Anklet Boho Chic with Feathers, Whorls and OM


This anklet boho chic is a touch of light and color that will highlight your thighs, ankles and feet from around the world.

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Let yourself go through this anklet boho chic. His unique style will accentuate your ankles, thighs and feet.

This precious anklet consists of two parts. The first part is a string with beads and pendants shaped feathers placed equidistantly. In the second part, chain is formed by coils that are linked together. This second strand is completed by the OM mantra.

The power of the mantra OM

Om is a mantra or vibration, to which he attributes a great spiritual and creative power, As the basic sound of the universe. It is also a symbol rich in meaning and depth. It combines our physical part and our spiritual part as a whole.

To intone we tune and recognize our connection to all living things, with all nature and the universe. Rhythmic vibrations produced by chanting the mantra also have a physical effect on the body, because it slows the nervous system and calms the mind.

Surprises with your anklet boho chic



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