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Anklet Boho Chic Marinera with Starfish


Do not let the rhythm of the beach wane thanks to this beautiful bracelet boho chic marina. Wherever you go, Follow you the buentiempo!

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The sea and coasts are beautiful places to spend the day. Walking around them is a delight. Its beautiful landscape raises our spirits, while the breeze sways us and refreshes the skin. All this helps us to relax and leave the stress aside. That is why we bring this beautiful boho chic seafood anklet. As you put that, You feel like the beach accompanies you wherever you go.

This precious anklet is formed by a chain of 25cm 6cm may extend up to a length of 31cm. In her, we can see a large number of accounts, ranging from the smallest accounts until the end in larger glass beads and turquoise, with a starfish in the center point.

Enjoy the summer and the beach with our anklet

Summer is yours to relax and enjoy, so do not hesitate and have fun.

Take advantage of the beach with your boho chic bracelets



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