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Anklet Boho Chic of Hilo and Chain with OM Mantra


Indulge mysticism thanks to this anklet boho chic. His mantra chain is complemented by a bracelet boho thread creating a contrast.

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Make all eyes on you stop by this anklet boho chic!

This brace is formed by two parts joined together in a unique. The first part of the ankle brace is in the chain which hangs at the end mantra OM. The second part consists of a twisted thread anklet attached to the chain. Thus they form an indivisible union that gives a vintage touch to the whole.

OM mantra in Buddhism

OM is a symbol that represents one of the most sacred mantras of Dharmic religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, jainismo, brahmanismo, Sikhism and Taoism).

It is considered "mantra" because it has Sanskrit origin meaning "mind liberation". OM is used in personal or group meditation, symbolizing the fusion of divine and intellectual

Today, It sounds throughout the West through meditation, associating with the image of a calm mind.

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