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Anklet Boho Chic Elephant


Get aspect cuqui ankles and legs thanks to this lovely boho chic anklet including elephants walking.

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Luce your legs, ankles and feet with a twist thanks to this lovely boho chic anklet. Their pendants elephants walking, They give an exotic touch, while its silver color will contrast with your skin making it shine more. In this way, contrast with this, you will achieve your ankles and enhance the calf and foot.

Elephant Conservation

Elephants are considered amulets to attract prosperity, good luck, longevity, patience, fertility, power, wisdom, loyalty, protection, and out envies.

Depending on the cultures the elephant is sacred, in India and in Thailand, for example it has different meanings according to culture.

For Hindus it symbolizes clearing roads and removes obstacles; for Buddhists is an omen of good luck and fertility

in the West, the belief is that the elephant that attracts good things have the trunk up and rolled, and should never miss the fangs, which represent power.

Bring out your feet thanks to this beautiful anklet



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