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Anklet Boho Chic Double Infinity



Every way begins with the first step. Therefore we bring this anklet boho chic with the symbol of infinity.

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The possibilities in life are endless, as well as the ways we can choose it. To help you do not hesitate in the way of your life, we bring this wonderful boho chic anklet so you can stand firm to your destination no matter what happens.

This precious double anklet is formed by two parts. The first part is a complete string in the infinity symbol with accounts placed equidistantly. The second part also consists of a chain with beads finished in hanging beads.

Let the power of infinity comes into your life

The symbol has two jobs and virtues that when you start from the center eight, rightward by the top, following the outline, turning to go again to the point where you started and thus follow the line to the left side, turning again to go back to the starting point, disease and the problem of damaged and diseased part of the body is dispersed.

Show off your beautiful ankles thanks to our anklet boho chic

Our anklet boho chic Infinity will help you take steps of your life



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