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Anklet Boho Chic Follow your dreams


This anklet boho chic is your ideal companion when day to leave home and for any trip you want to do.

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The world is a beautiful place. No matter how many times Let's Travel, always surprises us with new people, new places, new experiences. Since ancient times, traveling and discovering has been linked intrinsically in human DNA and that remains true today also. That is why we want whenever you leave home, feel your love for the world while the world's love for you. Boho chic with this beautiful anklet, you will achieve not only show everyone that love that burns inside you, but also will look fantastic wherever you go.

Show everyone your love

This precious anklet is formed by 3 parts. The first is a world map with round showing our love for the Earth. The second is the symbol of infinity so you can see our infinite love. The latter is a heart anklet for people to notice our love above all. Anklets are closed by a closure clip so you can easily adjust the length.

Surprise everyone with this wonderful boho chic anklet


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