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Boho Chic Buddhist anklet with Elefante y Sol


This beautiful chic boho anklet is a celebration of life. Take it with you everywhere and you feel like your energy invades.

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Let all the positive energy flow into you through this beautiful boho chic anklet. This anklet combines two worlds into one element, thus achieving a touch of gracefulness and beauty.

This wonderful anklet is composed of two parts. In the first we have a leather cord that ends in cubic accounts along with a smiling sun. In the second part have a chain tipped with a small Indian elephant trunk raised. both sides (chain and cord) together in a closing adjustable clamp. Thus we get an anklet with a length of 20cm and 6cm has older to place the closing of the clamp.

The combination of elements in your anklet boho chic

This anklet combines a radiant sun with a beautiful elephant. The sun is an element of life and joy, while the elephant is an element of strength and wisdom. The combination of both will make juts out all your hidden potential.

Give a different touch to your ankles thanks to this lovely boho chic anklet

Create a unique style for you with this wonderful tobillra

Let everyone yearns for you with this anklet



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