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Towel drawing Atrapasueños


After a relaxing day at the beach or pool, completely dry yourself with this fabulous towel with drawing dreamcatcher.

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Enjoy this summer beach or pool with your towel with drawing great dreamcatcher. With its diameter of 150cm you can lie on it without problems. In addition their microfibers allow you dry quickly without problems.

In the center of the towel carries drawn 2 dreamcatcher white surrounded by butterflies. Like this, every time you see them you will feel like you connect with nature. Her lovely drawing with colors, will make everyone stared at him.

Become the spotlight this summer thanks to this wonderful towel!

Legend dreamcatcher

According to legend, There was a spider woman named Asibikaashique was dedicated to caring for people of the earth. This woman, protecting all creatures of our planet, he leaned over cribs and children's beds while weaving a strong web that caught all the evil that was between his son and desvaneciéndolo upon arriving at dawn.

However, the number of children grew increasingly. Their number was so high that he had to think of another alternative. From that moment, women of each family were guided to develop this magical network protecting their children from negative influences of the world.

Like this, generation after generation went by the art of making dream catchers within families. Thanks to them, people could have nice dreams and no nightmares.

We will bring this beautiful dreamcatcher patterned towel so that rest on them whenever you feel its protective power. Every time you lie down and decide to sleep on one can have a peaceful sleep esteas where esteas. Thanks to it you'll wake up and wake up full of life and energy for the whole day.

Do not let anything stop you from enjoying your summer towel with drawing dreamcatcher



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