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Tatuaje Henna de Loto


Buddhist looks beautiful drawing on your skin thanks to this henna tattoo. Easy to put, With it you can look beautiful tatoo.

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The tattoos henna They are a tradition of Arab origin that is very present in our times and has expanded to reach the West. That aesthetic worked so striking and has captured the attention of young Europeans who prefer temporary tattoo, without fear that comes after repentance.

The highest expression lotus Buddhist

The lotus flower is beautiful, but its beauty is somehow the sublimation of the murky waters of the plant feeds, such that the first meaning lotus is extremely literal and refers to raising awareness, the transition from mud and suffering of everyday human experience towards liberation of the suffering or lighting. Lotus feeds the sludge, but it grows towards the light.

Is symbolically associated with the figure of Buddha and his teachings and, for this reason, they are sacred to the peoples of East flores.

Enjoy your skin and looks beautiful henna tattoo


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