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Skin Mandala Sun and Moon


This tapestry mandala represents the mystical union of the two celestial bodies that affect us in everyday life and are the sun and the moon

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Our new tapestry mandala with sun and moon is a beautiful representation of both celestial bodies on a circular mandala represents the whole. This beautiful carpet measured 150cm x 150cm with drawing the sun circling the moon, fact 100% polyester.

The importance of the sun and moon

The sun and moon are two very important planets in human life. The sun gives us light and heat. It is thanks to him that we can warm up on cold days. Its light gives life to plants thus creating the cycle of life. Day after day his inexhaustible energy helps the creation and maintenance of life on our planet.

Moon instead is the opposite pole. Only comes out at night and bathed in light when at the height of its moon phase. His mere presence is cause for a large number of poems. It causes water to move tides giving.

One only during the day, the other overnight. Even so, the union of both allows us to divide the day to day in morning, afternoon and evening, at dawn, sunset and midnight.

That is why we celebrate all this wonderful tapestry mandala. In the tapestry we see the union of both because the moon is between the sun, as well as night follows day and vice versa. Its center has a simple mandala pattern, surrounded by stars and figures of the sun and moon.

Whether day or night, Every time you see this stunning tapestry will feel recomfortado, because no matter how much time passes: The evening will give way to day. No matter how lucky we. We can reverse it in order to reach that day where we can be happy and proud of ourselves.


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