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Skin Mandala with Hamsa Hand


This tapestry mandala with drawing Hamsa hand will help you protect your home from negative energy and bring good luck

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This beautiful tapestry mandala brings together the best of two worlds: the beauty of mandalas with the protective action of Hamsa hand. This beautiful tapestry has a 150cm x 150cm measurement is done in 100% polyester.

The benefits of Hamsa hand

Hamsa hand is a symbol that has been passed from generation to generation almost everyone. Since ancient times, Hamsa hand was used for personal and family protection. His great repulsive action of negative energies helped to achieve peace and stability. Like this, when he painted on a house, Hamsa hand served to protect everyone that dwelleth.

Thanks to this tapestry mandala can protect your whole house of negative energy, helping to receive positive energy. With her, every time you see can be calm knowing that protects you all.

The use of mandalas

mandalas (Sanskrit whose meaning is wheel or circle) They serve to represent the spiritual world. Macrocosm to the microcosm going, the circular mandala drawing reminds us of those layers. Like this, Buddhist monks and practitioners of meditation used mostly mandalas for meditation. Viewing mandala, the meditator could relax the mind. With this relaxation, it was easier to get to get the union between themselves and the world through meditation. That is why mandalas are one of the most important symbols of Eastern spirituality within.

Discover all the power that this magnificent tapestry mandala with hamsa hand keeps for you and yours. You can use it to decorate walls, soils, furniture, beds. His unmistakable style will make everyone notice him when entering your house.

Surprise everyone with this beautiful mandala tapestry with hamsa hand




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