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Skin Lotus Flower Mandala


This fantastic tapestry mandala shows an open lotus flower in full bloom representing the present life.

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Go with mysticism and fantasy with this magical and fascinating tapestry mandala with lotus flower. Their union forms and black and white contrast will be a visual impact that will make everyone notice him. As a result, This Skin is ideal to place anywhere in your home or work. Whether in your room, on furniture, at the entrance of your office, in your living room, on furniture, etc. tapestry mandala lotus flower achieve give you a feeling of serenity and calm at the same time it makes everyone notice him because of its visual impact.

The carpet is made of polyester Mandala, with dimensions of 150cm x 150cm. Thanks to its size not too big or too small, You can place the tapestry anywhere without problems. Besides their high strength fibers provide him, so you do not have to worry about it, put where you put.

The lotus flower in Buddhism

The lotus flower is a plant with a very important significance in Buddhism. So, in many drawings and paintings Buddha is placed above a lotus flower. This is because in Buddhism, this flower is connected to several meanings. This is because the lotus is a flower that feeds into murky waters and comes out of them giving flower. This translates within Buddhism as raising awareness to liberation and lighting. It is also seen as a symbol of rebirth. That is why many monks to get to that point, They use mandalas with lotus flower to achieve clear your mind and meditate more deeply.

The lotus flower is a very important element of Buddhism. Find out with this mandala Skin.




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