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Skin with Floral Drawing Mandala


Let your spirit be enlarged every day with floral tapestry mandala. Its harmonious style will provide a haven of peace.

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The tapestry floral mandala is the ideal way to get give a different touch to your home or your workplace. Thanks to its impressive style everyone who sees it will be amazed. You can use it for any decor. It can be placed on a wall to accentuate everything before him estea. It can also be placed on a couch or a bed for a touch of originality but without burdening other furniture. Another way to put it would be on the floor. Like this, whenever visitors come to your house you will be surprised by this great tapestry.

This Skin is made of polyester Mandala 100% and it has measures 150cm x 150cm, which make it suitable for anywhere in your home and even at work.

All this makes these tapestries an essential decorative element in your home. With them you can pleasantly surprise everyone. Do not let your home look off and add a touch of variety with this tapestry mandala!

The connection between meditation and mandalas

Cosmic mandalas are representations of spirituality. Like this, a mandala of the outermost part of the spirit to get into the spirit at its center. When one is looking at a mandala at the beginning of meditation, You can come to notice how your mind clears, leaving the naked soul and thus achieving a deeper meditation. Thanks to this positive effect, Many people use mandalas as a way to connect with the world in order to get relax while meditating. Also many people usually sit at the center of a mandala. Like this, They try to channel the energy from the outer edge to the inside, outside in. Thus the mandala can help to regulate its internal energy.

The tapestry mandala fill you with spirituality into your home




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