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Skin Deco Boho with Earth map


It creates a nice effect deco boho through this tapestry with the drawing of the continents of the earth on a starry sky.

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Earth is an important place for us. It is where we were born, where we grew up and where we live. Thanks to it there are animals and plants. This beautiful tapestry deco style boho presents the land without borders. we are all united without division as shown in this tapestry. In addition, its beautiful print shows a starry sky background. A sky that we all look many nights thinking about the present and the future. It is in this sky above us we want to work to travel to the stars. Past, present and future come together in this wonderful tapestry for you.

The tapestry is made on a 100% polyester, with a 145cm x 200cm measures. Thanks to its large size, You can place it on almost every wall of the house, such as in bedrooms, Banquet, etc. Thanks to its high resistance, You can also place it on the floor or you can even put it on tables and beds.

The boho deco and tapestries

Boho chic fashion has crossed all borders and has also reached decoration. It is thanks to this that more and more people is joining to create an area of ​​freedom. Thanks to its casual and relaxed style, boho chic decor lets you experiment with all kinds of decorative objects, as can be chairs, tables, pictures, rugs, etc. One of the characteristic elements of boho deco is the use of tapestries. Thanks to them we can create a warmer environment or colorful in a room without having to repaint. In this way, if we are to save money besides making changes. In this way, We give the impression of being in a completely new room creating a contrast. Decántate by boho deco and surprise everyone!

Give a different touch to your bedroom carpet deco boho

Thanks to deco boho, the map of the land will improve the color of your house

Make boho style decor into your home




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