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Boho Chic Skin Deco Pendant Macrame


Do not let your bare wall! With this tapestry hanging macramé you will give a boho deco look to your room.

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Macrame has been used for centuries to achieve create impressive works of art through history. From the Persians, through the Arabs, European or American and South American cultures center, macrame is a form of flavourful, through the way of weaving. Thanks to this wonderful tapestry hanging, you will achieve a bohemian touch give you will be the latest in fashion boho chic deco. Thanks to this wonderful tapestry hanging, You can get a whole new boho chic deco style in your room. Surprise your family, or visiting friends whenever they go to your house!

This beautiful carpet is formed by a center environment to which the different parts have tissue. Like this, each has unique shapes with a distinct style including. All carpets have been made by hand from tissues and natural elements. The threads are made of cotton macramé. Its vintage style while boho chic will love!

Where I can put this tapestry hanging macramé?

This type of macrame wall hangings are ideal to be placed anywhere in the house. Whether in a bedroom, a hallway or lounge, They will help you create a warm and comfortable area of ​​peace and tranquility. you can also use to enhance your boho deco style in a room, but without recharging. In this way, You can conjuntarlo together pictures, cushions or carpets, to give it a more vintage while naturally in your aesthetic.

You can also place it in your workplace. That way, every time you see it you will feel more at peace and calm, thus freeing you from stress. Lose yourself calm, peace and spirituality thanks to this beautiful tapestry.

Let yourself go with the boho your home deco and full of life and color


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