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Boho Chic Elephant Skin



Create your own space boho chic deco with this lovely group of tapestries with the figure of an elephant. To all the world you will love!

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Join the boho deco thanks to this beautiful tapestry of Indian elephant. With the, your room will shine with their own light.

This tapestry was created in polyester 100% thus giving a high resistance to set. Drawn on its surface he wears an elephant. Each of the tapestry is different to wear incorporated parts of floral mandalas, mosaics and vivid colors. Like this, from one another, You'll notice a big difference. In this way, You can choose the one that best suits your lifestyle.

Use it for wall mounting, soil, the tables, in the bed, etc. Wherever you put this beautiful tapestry will help you create an area that saw him, will impact more and more thanks to its range of colors and its detail.

Each of the tapestries have a measures 150cm x 150cm

The last cry for houses: boho deco

Boho chic fashion has become in recent years in fashion and has permeated not only the dress, but it has also reached decoration. So we have to thank boho chic deco fashion (also it is known as boho or bohemian deco decor), more and more people are pointing to decorate your home differently. This is thanks to the boho deco urges us to use a wide range of colors and details.

His inspiration part bohemian part, grunge and hippie, deco makes boho rooms have an great contrast to other styles devorativos. This whole hodgepodge attracts attention of the world, creating a zone free of thought, body and spirit. In this way, every time we use the boho chic decor, let a little soul to create a rebel haven, but still peaceful and calm.

Model 001

Let your style flows freely at home

Model 002

Surprise everyone with your new facet boho chic deco

Model 003

Create a space for you alone thanks to boho chic deco

Model 004

Enjoy your precious tapestry elephant


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