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Crocheted sweater Turtleneck



Protect and resguardarte get cold and the weather with this crochet sweater.

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When it starts to get cold, we need to protect it to avoid diseases. Therefore we bring this high crochet sweater turtleneck. In this way, You can avoid most of the weather and thus enjoy your health. Like this, whether to go for a walk, go to work or any other reason you have to leave home, You not have to be cold.

Do not let the cold get in your look

This sweater is made of acrylic, by crochet point. Its fine finish will help you spend cooler days without problems. It presents a turtleneck, and long sleeves with clenched fists us not to get cold. Thanks to him, nothing will stand between you and the outdoors.

Do not lock yourself and go out and have fun without any worry!

The sweater is made in a one size with a length of 50cm, with a bust of 116-136cm and a width of 42cm.

Create trend thanks to your sweater

Protect yourself from the cold with your sweater

Leaves everyone amazed by your sweater


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