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Crusader Long Sleeve Sweater



Protect yourself from cold and bad weather thanks to this cross sweater. With its long sleeves, You can also protect your arms.

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With the passing of the seasons, the nights and mornings are colder. That is why it is essential to dress warmly the closer we get to winter. For this reason, we bring you this spectacular cross sweater. Once you put yourself, You will not feel cold and you can walk nicely on any day.

Go out and enjoy life without the cold will prevent it

This sweater is made of cashmere and cotton. In addition to protection from the cold, its soft fabric will accommodate your skin with great softness. Like this, You can wear it whenever I want and enjoy a good walk.

The sweater has long sleeves with which prodrás protect your arms and even your hands cold. It has a cross section that leaves a visible peak at the waist, with large buttons on top of it.

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