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Boho Chic-shoulder sweater



Get a style thanks to our boho chic sweater. Besides protecting fresh, It will help you attract all eyes.

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Let everyone speechless thanks to this wonderful boho chic sweater! Thanks to its style will get your bohemian look to grow while protecting you from the cold and bad weather. Besides going to the latest fashion, You get attract all eyes.

Let the boho fashion into your life thanks to our sweater

This wonderful sweater is made of acrylic and cotton. In this way we not only have a very comfortable and soft sweater but also our sweater will protect us from the weather. The top of the sweater does not have shoulders so they are outdoors. On the other hand, their sleeves cover the arm to the wrists.

Sweater sold in one size with a bust of 98cm, a sleeve 55cm and 68cm length.

Get a bohemian look with this beautiful sweater

Leaves everyone amazed with your precious sweater

Consigue tu look original

Let you all marvel because your sweater

Protect yourself from the cold thanks to this wonderful sweater

Get your own look boho chic bohemian thanks to sweater

Get a different look


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